copyright 2013 - 2023 Are you looking for  “investors” or “business cash”? Each quarter  will  feature  one  hand  picked  project  that needs to find   an investor, find investment  money  for  the project itself or find a joint   venture partner.   To help  interested  parties connect directly with each other we have  outlined   and  presented  the  business  case,  from our mandate to the  detail   and  expectation of  the  business management.  Big  ideas  often require ‘Big’  help to get them off the ground but there   are   a  number  of  issues  that  should  be  addressed   and agreed on.  Any project featured on this  site  is  able to  pass  any  test  interested   parties may as for or require.   All details  are  veriified  and  all awards   and certification are confirmed with the issuing source. Each business  plan  is  accurate  and   every   care  is  taken  to present actual figures   and requirements.  If you wish  to  have  your project featured you may   email our projects department at powered by: Most Entrepreneurs who dream big simply don't have access to the kind of money it takes to realize their aspirations. Enter the professional investor community. But, in order to get investors to open up their checkbooks, you will need to convince them that your idea is worthy and also be willing to subject yourself to increased scrutiny and give up a percentage of your company. How Investors Evaluate   Often entrepreneurs mistakenly think talking to investors involves loans or debt. It should be understood  that when you talk to an equity investor, you are trading shares of your company that an investor can later sell Investors will evaluate a company's potential along four key criteria: 1. Does the company's product or service address a large and growing market need? 2. Can the company scale quickly enough to take advantage of that market opportunity? 3. Does the company have a defensible competitive advantage? 4. Can the management team execute on the potential outlined in the first three criteria?